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I have dabbled a bit in music since I on a whim decided to start learning to play the recorder in 1995. Since then it has been a minor hobby of mine, always playing a secondary role to my other expressions of creativity.

My dabbling includes playing alto and soprano recorders, a range of Native American Flutes, as well as having worked a bit with GarageBand and electronic music.

On this page I have included links to some of my musical YouTube uploads. More to follow.

Original compositions
Voices Native American flute, vocals

Three Directions

Piano, bass, guitar

When Morning Comes

Apple loops
Jacaranda Apple loops
Turkish Delight Apple loops
New Paths Apple loops
Cover versions and traditonals

Lovmann & Tor
(Norwegian Medieval ballad)

Soprano and alto recorders,
harp, percussion

Star of the County Down Soprano and alto recorders, guitar, percussion, strings

Sinklars vise
(Norwegian traditional)

Recorders, harp, percussion,
hurdy-gurdy, viola da gamba
Les Filles des Forges Soprano and alto recorders, guitar, piano, percussion
Den bakvende visa
(Trad. Norwegian)
Soprano and alto recorders, hurdy-gurdy, lute, harp, drum, bass viola da gamba
(Norwegian Christmas song)
Soprano and alto recorders, guitar, percussion, strings
"Three Colours Blue" Flute Theme Yamaha YRA-314B alto recorder
The Black Cat
Mollenhauer Modern alto recorder in pearwood

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